Mozilla India @Maker Fest 2016

This is the first time when I got an opportunity to represent Mozilla outside of my state and I think Maker Fest was the best start because it is a place with full of innovators/makers from all over India. They come there to showcase their products as well as to demonstrate others how we can also build such products. It was one of the best event I ever attended. So, here is our team-

Mozilla India Team at Maker Fest 2016

Day 1 :

The day began with setting up our booth, everyone was so excited to spread Mozilla’s mission in this event.


After that I instantly started designing props and posters for our stall and to have a click with it. I designed privacy window, suggestion & feedback poster and “Ahmedabad on Privacy” poster to receive privacy tips from the visitors 😀


After setting up our booth within a minute people started coming to our stall and we started telling them about Mozilla. They were so excited to join our community and to contribute to it. Students, who came from various colleges of Ahmedabad. They were more interested in forming a Firefox Club in their colleges after they got to know about FSA Program.



Privacy booth was the best part people were more interested in knowing that how they can secure their data online, they were more concerned about their privacy even 5th class students too :p After all the day 1 goes very well.

Day 2 :

The second day was more exciting because as compared to day 1 more visitors are expected to arrive on this day. We reached the venue by talking selfies on the road (then too on time :p because as Firefox, mozillian’s also run faster 😀 :p ) fotorcreated11

We received a huge audience on this day, Lightbeam & privacy windows was a major hit. People were shocked to know that so many third party websites were tracking them in a single website. After knowing privacy tips, they clicked a photo with our privacy window.

IMG_0401   Jpeg

Everyone feeling secure in this privacy window 😀

Day 3 :

On the final day, we had a mixed emotions because this was the last day, but we made it most memorable day by spreading awareness, learnt so many things from other stalls, clicked so many pictures with everyone, received amazing feedback & privacy tips from attendees and met with lots of amazing makers.


This was the one of the best event I ever attended because here I learnt a lot from passionate makers, with over 3000+ visitors and from 7 most amazing mozillian’s – Ankit, Trishul, Mehul, Prathamesh, Kumaresan, Aman, Sanjay. You people are awesome <3. Thank You so much all of you for guiding me and inspiring me to contribute more and more to this awesome community. Thank You Santosh Vishwanatham for giving me this opportunity. 🙂


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