My Contribution to Mozilla Support forum (SUMO)

Today, I would Iike to share one of my contribution in Mozilla Support Forum. I remembered when I joined MozUP, I don’t even know what is FSA(Firefox Student Ambassador). After joining that First meetup of MozUP in Lucknow, I went through the whole Mozilla guide to know what is Mozilla, what is FSA, what are the projects in which they are working on , how anybody can also contribute to Mozilla mission and to their open source projects. I found it much more interesting than doing anything in my college specially studies :p Through MozUP, we organized many events in various places of Uttar Pradesh that was my first contribution to Mozilla by conducting a workshop/events. After that I moved to individual contribution where I found SUMO was  interesting than any other thing because from childhood to till now I always wanted to help others no matter what the situation is and SUMO was the best place to help Mozilla users by solving their problems which they are facing. After that I started answering all the questions which were asked by users & it gives great feeling when someone’s problem was solved and they thanked you for your support. Within 1 week I earned my second badge “2015 Support Forum Badge” & after 1 month I got listed in Top 50 contributors in support forum & ranked at 36th. 🙂

Ranked at 36th in SUMO
Ranked at 36th in SUMO

At last, I would like to thanks to all the people who guided me & supported me in this achievement. 🙂

SUMO Profile : Ashish_Mishra

Mozillian Profile : Ashish_Mishra

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