Grow Firefox Download In Indian Languages

On 1st November 2015, Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community(MozUP) has decided to organize an event on “Localised Firefox Campaign” at Precursor Info Solutions to spread localized firefox for desktop & android in India for new & existing users.

The event was started at 11:30AM & all the attendees were so excited, they wanted to learn so many things about Mozilla & this about  Campaign. Sneh started the event with the introduction session, where she asked the name, college & their expectations from the event and also introduces the MozUP members to the attendees.

Sneh taking the Introduction Session
                         Sneh taking the Introduction Session

After this, Vnisha started the session, in which she talk about FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) & discuss this topic with all the attendees to make session interactive, she also introduces Moziila & what are its missions from user privacy to open web. 😉

Vnisha talking about FOSS, Mozilla & Its Mission
                 Vnisha talking about FOSS, Mozilla & Its Mission

further, I took the session & talked about FSA(Firefox Student Ambassadors ) Program, how they can also become an FSA & be a part of gloabl community & Jyotsna talked about Firefox OS (App Development & Web API’s).

Myself, talking about FSA Program
                                 Myself, talking about FSA Program
                Jyotsna & Me talking about FSA Program + Firefox OS

After that, Vnisha told them about various Contribution Areas and they were asked to visit the URL of the same to know more about this & get involved today!! . They were told about the objective of Localised Firefox Campaign. All the attendees were asked to download Hindi Firefox Browser in this time I & Noorul distributed all the swags to the attendees. After this the session gets over and we got an amazing feedback from attendees & they posted their feedback on the firefox logo which was made by Ankita. 🙂

Vnisha talking about contribution areas

IMAG6239 IMAG6240

Group Photo
                                                                                                        Group Photo

Special Thanks to Umesh Agarwal for all the Swags. Thanks to Noorul for the Photography 😉 & all the attendees.

Event Photos : Grow Firefox Download In Indian Languages – Pilot Campaign!

Visit Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Facebook Page to know more about this. !!

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